I mentioned earlier today that, out of the blue, I realized that Serbian girl I went to high school with was Stana Katic. In case someone doesn’t believe me, I dug an old yearbook out of my basement.


Stana Katic from the show Castle paid a special visit to Josh today. She was amazing….spending a lot of genuine time with Josh talking about Legos, listening to music, and chatting. He asked her to sign his yearbook so she left him with a very nice positive message. (x)



It’s -10 outside please stop wearing basketball shorts. We get It you’re straight


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basically me
  • september 17th: yaaas only one week until this terrible season will be over!
  • september 18th: no more checking my phone for bb updates 24/7!!
  • september 19th: no more having to listen to the hg's dumb stores !!! (-:
  • september 20th: no more staying up late to see who won a veto / HOH competition wow i can't wait for it to end!!!
  • september 21st: no more having to catch up on what the hg's are doing every second of the day wow screw this season!!
  • september 22nd: ... wait
  • september 23rd: no
  • september 24th: no no no no no no no

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